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What if the only thing you feared more than death, was being alone?

When her taxidermist husband of 50 years dies, elderly widow, Audrey believes she can use taxidermy to bring her husband back to life, in the body of a younger man.

The Taxidermist is a folk-gothic, psycho-sexual drama about the loss of identity experienced by older women. It explores the theme of decay: decay in traditional gender norms in contemporary relationships and decay in the physical body. 

Brief synopsis:
When grieving widow Audrey finds her husband Ambrose has come back to life inside one of his taxidermied animals, she is overjoyed. Communicating using morse code, the novelty of life with a pet instead of a lover quickly wears thin, especially as Audrey witnesses the steamy affair between her gardener Daniel and her live-in nurse, Lilianna. Believing that she needs a different host for Ambrose’s spirit, Audrey decides to use taxidermy to bring her husband back from the dead a second time, this time in Daniel’s body. But with Lilianna in the dark about Audrey’s plans for her lover’s body, will Audrey find herself in competition with a much younger woman for her husband’s affections?