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Vodun - Spirits Past

A woman with telekinetic powers is trapped inside a cryogenic chamber, manages to send an SOS message outside of the laboratory.  When the rescue attempt fails, she summons the spirit of the past to free herself, and her captors.

Vodun described in The Guardian “This British band fuse thrash metal with traditional West African music. It makes for powerful riffs”




Black Moth - Sisters of The Stone

Noomi Spook directed Black Moth’s video for the track ‘Sisters of The Stone’, described by vocalist Harriet Hyde as ‘an anthem for wronged women’. ‘Noomi Spook depicts glimpses of female power, lovingly hunted and excavated from the swathes of old footage of the Stepford Wives advertising domestic bliss to dead-eyed sex dolls selling automobiles. Noomi paints a picture of the wild woman in all us’, adds Harriet.  



Grave Lines - Nihilist Engine

Directed by Noomi Spook, a gristly vision that takes place amidst dank industrial caverns and a steel press. It stands as a symbol of humankind’s relationship with negativity. Inexorably pulled towards a voice that urges us to reject. A poison that breeds within our contempt for the world. The Nihilist Engine is a monument to the all-consuming nature of self-loathing.” Put that in your pipes, block them and give in to the bleak brilliance of The Nihilist Engine.

Petrol Girls - Restless

Noomi Spook produced and directed this video for raging feminist post-hardcore quartet Petrol Girls. The music video for ‘Restless’ Halloween themed, featuring werewolves and pumpkin vaginas. During their live sets Ren Aldridge has stated on numerous occasions that ‘Restless’ is about “the female orgasm from the perspective of a werewolf burning down government buildings” “They’ve definitely gone to town on that concept for the music video as the band dress up as werewolves to chase men and burn billboards depicting traditional ideals.” – Gig Soup Magazine    

Soeur - No Fire

Directed by Noomi Spook, ‘No Fire’ is a glimpse into a booze-soaked, grunge fuelled house party with toilet paper, red cups and vomit.

Soeur’s music is produced by Ali Chant – who has previously worked with Perfume Genius, PJ Harvey and Youth Lagoon – ‘No Fire’ is just a taster of Sœur’s undisputed, hooky talent. Performing with a gutsy, industrial strength, the band are able to balance a reflective poignancy within their songwriting. This is the start of a bright and bold future for a band who are doing it for themselves.

The Vigil - Do You Feel Alive?

Noomi Spook directed and produced this star-crossed love story, of gun-toting, bank robbing Bonnie and Clyde. The Vigil, on Fever Dog Records, described in Kerrang! “Bringing ’90’s alt rock to the modern age.” “Flamboyant grunge, tight and technically gifted.”

Annabelle's Tea Party

Annabelles Teaparty is a surreal black comedy about British sexual repression. Tea and cake is definitely not the only thing on the menu…    

LTNT - Boss Lady

Boss Lady is a satirical homage to the VHS tape – featuring awesome female bodybuilders and a newly-wed pig-monster doing the ironing. “An underground act with a grungey loud party vibe. Wild tight flannel anthems of rebellion, body hair and abandon. Having only seen them in perform in a studio, could they cut it live? Apparently so. Grungesque three pieces are in vogue at the moment but LTNT’s variation give them an edge. Each song sounds different; anthemic but with proggy tinges”

Music Videos




Noomi Spook’s Grave Lines video
premiered in Metal Hammer
Gravelines video in Metal Hammer
Black Moth  –  Sisters of the Stone
Featured in
Metal Hammer
Petrol Girls Video featured in The Independent
LTNT – Boss Lady
featured in Trebuchet
Noomi Spook’s Black Moth video
featured in Battle Helm
Black moth in Battle Helm
Soeur  –  No Fire
Featured in
Bristol Live Magazine
soeur brisotl live
Noomi Spook – Guest Panelist
Bristol Horror Con 2016
Noomi Spook
featured in Dazed and Confused
Noomi Spook featured in Dazed and Confused
Petrol Girls – Restless
Featured in
The Indepedent
Petrol Girls Video featured in The Independent
Noomi Spook
interview in UK Horror Scene


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